Sample Works

The following are a few examples of some of my sample works.

Sample Work Description Downloadable Files
Computing in Business Project The instructions for this project were to assemble a simple worksheet  in order to learn the basics of Excel and how to properly insert formulas in cells, as well as attempting to make the spreadsheet look a little more professional. Excel Document
Introduction to Management Systems Case Study The instructions for this project were to analyze the components of cloud computing as well as discuss the benefits cloud computing would have for businesses.  A manager knowing the ins and outs of the systems they are working with is important, especially considering how popular integrating technology is in business nowadays. Word Document
Introduction to Financial Accounting Team Project The instructions for this project were to analyze a company and discuss whether the given data for the company indicated if investing in the company was a wise decision.  An accountant or financial consultant needs to be able to look at information and be able to advise someone else on the best possible outcomes. Data / Discussion
Organizational Leadership The instructions of this paper were to analyze and discuss how volunteering had been going.  I picked Marietta Memorial Hospital and I talk about it on my community service page too. Word Document

These are just a few examples of my work.