Community Services

As a local to the Marietta area, I knew the benefits of a small-town area. One of the benefits was always knowing that someone would ask how you were doing, and some would go out of their way to help you with anything that you could need help with. That is the main reason that I love this area.

My parents always told me to help wherever I could. That is why I have always placed a high priority on helping my community whenever I can. I have volunteered my time at my town’s local Legion Post, a place for old war veterans to gather and relax, as well as donating time out many winters for my church to gather money for the Salvation Army.

My most recent services have been done with my fraternity chapter brothers. At Delta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi, we know that having a good connection with the community can help to build your character as a man. That is why we stress the importance of helping the community by having required community service hours to be turned in by every brother throughout the academic year. This helps to ensure the quality of our community and our character remains at top shape for as long as we breathe.

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