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B5:Cyber Monday Sales Show Strength



The Cyber Monday sales showed a great increase in the amount bought from the consumers.  Since websites are becoming more efficient with getting their customers to buy their products right away, more people are starting to believe that the days of shopping in a retail store are over.  Although the percentages are showing an increase in online shopping from Cyber Monday, I still feel that people will want to go shopping in retail stores.  Many people use this time on Black Friday to go with their friends and family to purchase products that they can take home with them that same day.  I still think Cyber Monday will increase in the amount of people that participate in buying products online, but I don’t think this will stop people from purchasing at the retail store either.

B4: A Winner in China Internet Gang War?



After reading the article, I thought about how companies should not be intruding on what people are writing in their instant messages.  Tencent should not be reading other users information in the instant messages. I know many companies do this for their consumers internet activity to get information for advertisements and target certain consumers for that reason, but looking at people’s private conversations is wrong also.  I think by reading peoples private conversations is not really going to help a company out anyways with their business.  I think this  “gang war” is only going to get worse if

B3:Facebook in Privacy Breach



Since Facebook has started using applications such as Farmville, it has been having trouble with keeping the private information about the facebook users private.  People are playing these games and applications on facebook while corporate businesses none the less are spying on their internet activity to see if they could target the users with advertisements.  This also seems scary to think because with the information they get they can see the internet activity that the user has been doing.  It seems uncomfortable to know that outside people can be looking at your information and doing multiple things with that information.  Facebook needs to figure out a way to clean this mess up in order for users to feel mor

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