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B5:Cyber Monday Sales Show Strength



The Cyber Monday sales showed a great increase in the amount bought from the consumers.  Since websites are becoming more efficient with getting their customers to buy their products right away, more people are starting to believe that the days of shopping in a retail store are over.  Although the percentages are showing an increase in online shopping from Cyber Monday, I still feel that people will want to go shopping in retail stores.  Many people use this time on Black Friday to go with their friends and family to purchase products that they can take home with them that same day.  I still think Cyber Monday will increase in the amount of people that participate in buying products online, but I don’t think this will stop people from purchasing at the retail store either.

B4: A Winner in China Internet Gang War?



After reading the article, I thought about how companies should not be intruding on what people are writing in their instant messages.  Tencent should not be reading other users information in the instant messages. I know many companies do this for their consumers internet activity to get information for advertisements and target certain consumers for that reason, but looking at people’s private conversations is wrong also.  I think by reading peoples private conversations is not really going to help a company out anyways with their business.  I think this  “gang war” is only going to get worse if

B3:Facebook in Privacy Breach



Since Facebook has started using applications such as Farmville, it has been having trouble with keeping the private information about the facebook users private.  People are playing these games and applications on facebook while corporate businesses none the less are spying on their internet activity to see if they could target the users with advertisements.  This also seems scary to think because with the information they get they can see the internet activity that the user has been doing.  It seems uncomfortable to know that outside people can be looking at your information and doing multiple things with that information.  Facebook needs to figure out a way to clean this mess up in order for users to feel mor

B3: Impact of Internet Usage in Peru



The Impact of Internet Usage in Peru

By: Katie Gordon

Word Count: 871

            In South America, more countries are getting involved with technology.  Peru happens to be increasing its Internet usage and improving its culture and financial issues involved with the internet.  In 1994, the Internet was established in Peru and the government has been improving the infrastructure in order for the population of the rural area to receive internet access like the urban population.  In addition to that, one main issue with the economic and financial issues in Peru involving the Internet is that the investments in technology are low.  Also, the culture in Peru has changed because of the Internet because now people go to little cafés in order to use the Internet.  In addition to that, the United States and Peru have many differences when it comes to culture and economic differences with the Internet usage.  Although Peru is still developing their use of the Internet, Peruvians still have some major changes ahead in order to further their technology and communications with the rest of the world.

            The infrastructure in Peru has been evolving since Peru started using the Internet as a tool.  First, majority of the people that receive the Internet in Peru are in the urban areas such as Lima, Peru.  Also, since they are in more urban areas, many of the rural areas still are not receiving Internet access.  The Red Cientifica Peruana, which is a non profit organization, is in charge of getting the Internet available to rest of the country and it currently is trying to make it available outside the urban areas of Peru.  One major infrastructure issue in Peru with the Internet usage is getting the rural parts of the country to receive Internet access.

            Other issues that have been brought up due to the Internet usage in Peru are the financial and economic changes.  One reason why there is financial instability in the Internet market in Peru is because many of the investors are very nervous about the “monetary instability” in the Latin American markets (Norris).  Although many of the private investors worry about the Latin American markets, many of Latin American companies are still trying to look for technology initiatives.  An author, Lisa Krochmal, thinks that e-commerce spending levels will increase dramatically if the Internet is going to expand around the whole country (Norris).  Although the model for Latin American companies looking for other capitalists to invest their money into, many others think this financial and economic plan could end up being consequential to Peru.  Investors think that Peru does not have the same “compensation structures” as other countries such as the United States (Norris).  In addition to that, investors are wary of investing their money into businesses and the Internet in Peru because of cultural and economic issues.

            The culture in Peru has changed due to the fact of the increasing usage of Internet.  Kirk St. Amant states, “Individualism, especially, has been revealed by some marketing researchers as the most significant culture background of global Internet usage.”  The increasing amount of Internet usage globally has caused people to become more independent(St. Amant).  This is also true for Peru because this country is now becoming more independent because of the use of Internet.  In addition to that, there are culture differences in Peru because now people are going to little cafes to access Internet.  Peruvians are spending much of their time there to get on the Internet to find information or for social networking.  Also, another culture difference is that 7.6 million people are using the Internet in Peru as of 2008 (Internetworldstats).  Before that statistic, 2.5 million people used the Internet in 2000 (Internetworldstats).  These statistics show that the culture of Peru is changing because more people are using the Internet as times goes on.  The difference between the cultures of Peru and the U.S. is that there are many more people that use the Internet in the U.S. than Peru.  Also, people in the United States are able to access the internet in rural areas anytime they need to, unlike Peru.  Peru’s culture is growing more independent and is gradually getting more internet users as the years pass through.

            Many countries are getting involved with the usage of Internet including Peru. With the use of the Internet comes the effects of the culture change and the economic and infrastructure effects of using the internet. The infrastructure of Peru is improving in order to get more people in rural areas to have access to the Internet.  Also, the economic and financial situation in Peru is changing due to the Internet because of the instability in the Internet market in Peru.  In addition to that, the culture in Peru is changing because many more people are starting to use the Internet on a daily basis.  Since Peru is starting to finally adjust to the Internet with its culture and economic issues, it still has more changes to go through to become more advanced with the other countries such as The United States and China.










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Windows 7 Phone vs. iPhone and Android



I think the Window 7 phone has many features, but it doesn’t have enough to keep competetive with the iPhone and the android.  Although the Windows 7 phone seems to be more of a chance to “outdo” Apple because of the competetion between products before, but I still think people will want the iPhone and android over the windows 7 phone.  Also, Windows Phone 7 users will need to use  Microsoft’s Zune media player for their music, and many people have itunes for their music which is also a setback for the Windows 7 phone.  All together, I think the Window 7 phone might be able to compete for a short time, but in the long run, the iphone and android will still be on top.

B1: MC Experience



So far my MC experience has been interesting.  I have been here since August 15th and I have not gone home yet.  I have been playing soccer so it keeps me very busy.  I have made some great friends so far and my classes are going well.  I look forward to the rest of the year.

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