Community Service


As a way to give back to the community, I think it is very important to participate in community service.  While I was in high school I participated in many community service activities.  One activity that I participated in annually was the haunted hayrides for young children at the Lake Farm Park.  This website describes the volunteer work that I used to do in high school for the Lake Farm Park Haunted Hayrides Haunted Hayrides

This picture is from Halloween 2008.  Pictured are other volunteers and myself helping out at the Lake Farm Park:

Volunteering at the Haunted Hayrides

In addition to that, I also have volunteered to help raise money for battered women at the Forbes House .  For this service project, the volunteers walked around from house-to-house looking for donations of money or any products that the women could use at the Forbes House.

After working on all of these service projects in high school, I knew I wanted to volunteer at Marietta College.  After joining the McDonough Leadership Program, I put my service hours toward Ely Chapman Education Foundation .  When I volunteered at Ely Chapman, I was able to help organize the books in the library.  I helped put books away and color code them by reading levels to help make it easier for the children to access the books.

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