Courses Taken


I am now finishing up the end of my fall semester as sophomore.  Thus far I have taken a variety of courses that range from Intro to Financial Accounting to Music Appreciation.  Below I have developed a table of all the courses I have taken so far at Marietta College to help further my education as well as transfer credits from another institution.

Course Semester
Management 301 11/FL
Management Information Systems 220 11/FL
Accounting 202- Intro to Financial Accounting 11/FL
Chemistry 131/133 General Chemistry and lab 11/FL
Economics 212- Intro to Microeconomics 11/SP
Music 101- Music Appreciation 11/SP
Communications 101 11/SP
History 102 11/SP
CSCI 110- Computing in Business 11/SP
Economics 211- Intro to Macroeconomics 11/SP
Accounting 201- Intro to Managerial Accounting 11/SP
International Politics 130 10/FL
Management Information Systems 194 10/FL
Stats123 10/FL
Writing 101 10/FL
Leadership 101 10/FL
Psychology 101 10/Transfer

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