Google Glass – the next big thing? July 19th, 2013

Google Glass is generally a high-tech glasses issued by Goolge in Apr. 2012. According to the description published online, it has a frame of a normal glasses and some multimedia functions have been integrated, including camera, video calls, navigation, and online surfing. Generally speaking, Google Glass has similar functions as a smart phone does.

It seems that Google Glass is just an upgrading form of small phone, but in fact, this innovation is a sort of wearable technology. The main difference between wearable technology and current portable technology is whether a hand is needed to operate the device. Therefore, although what Google Glass can do is similar to a traditional smart phone, it should be viewed as a revolutionary product. The emergence of Google Glass may indicate the trend of development of portable electronic devices.

In my opinion, if Google Glass is spread in the future, the way of human life will be impacted much. On the one hand, as a form of wearable technology, Google Glass is provided with better mobility, comparing to traditional mobile devices. In addition to mobility, Google’s new gadget may change the interactive way between human beings and electronic devices. Hands are free so that the way people operate Google Glass is more natural, which means people can talk to it like talk to a real person. This is the personification of electronic devices. On the other hand, as an internet-based device, Google Glass makes sheer loads of information connective. With the development of cloud technology, Google Glass can enhance people’s ability of data mining, data processing, and data storing. The result of this trend is that human life will turn to more digital.

However, Google Glass has caused some controversies. Although it has not been for public sale yet, many people get started to worry about the consequence of its improper use. Some people think that Google Glass may cause privacy issue. Some people think Google Glass is bad for communications between real human beings. They call the people wearing Google Glass cyborg and object to their existence.

Kaifeng Xia (Alston)

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