Sample Works July 19th, 2013

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MIS 220

Case Study 1

The applications described in this case study include web-based medical record applications for a hospital, an application for just-in-time goods delivery information, and an application regulating and controlling the process of chocolate producing. Download Work
FIN 430

Analysis of Japan

This paper will analyze Japan’s current situation and development by discussing the following four components: economy; government; geography; and history, people and culture. Download Work
ACCT 301

The Impacts of SOX Act on Accounting Education

Sarbanes-Oxley Act was proclaimed on the 25th July, 2002 by U.S. government because scandals from famous companies and accounting firms such as Enron and Worldcom challenged the tolerance of investors again and again.Sarbanes-Oxley Act affected not only the business field, but also the accountants, especially the accounting students. Hence, today I want to talk about how the appearance of SOX Act effects the accounting education. Download Work

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