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W10: Transition to College

It is exciting knowing that it is already my tenth week here at Marietta College!  The most difficult part of my college transition has definitely been time management due to the fact that I am a commuter.  I live about 25 minutes away from Marietta College, and on a normal day I have to make two trips from home to the college due to the fact that I have morning/early afternoon classes and then extracurricular activities late in the evenings.  Although driving nearly two hours every day can be difficult, I have learned to adapt well by making use of every spare moment.  While I find college classes much more difficult than my high school classes, my favorite things about Marietta College are the friendliness of the professors and students, the leadership program, and the Greek community (especially my Sigma Kappa sisters).  I can’t wait to see what opportunities the future will bring!

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