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Courses Taken

The purpose of this page is to explain my course experiences that have prepared me for a career in accounting.

Course Description
ACCT 201: Managerial Accounting Throughout this course our class learned how to complete and examine company balance sheets and income statements, calculate various accounting ratios to evaluate the success of the company, and how to express our ideas thoughtfully with evidence.  This course taught me the basics of accounting, and encouraged me to major in Public Accounting.
ACCT 202: Financial Accounting During this course students learn how to complete and examine balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements, and statements of retained earnings of companies, calculate accounting ratios to determine profitable companies to invest in, and how to work in teams to complete accounting reports. This course is another introductory accounting course that taught me how to think critically to create and evaluate financial reports.
LEAD 203: Global Leadership This course teaches students about the different cultural values and norms of countries around the world.  This class was valuable in teaching cultural awareness and acceptance, especially for those students who will work with diverse groups of people in their future careers.
ECON 211: Microeconomics The purpose of this class is to teach students about how small-scale decisions can influence the economy.  Topics of discussion include inflation, stagflation, supply and demand, impact of price changes on the economy, and how business decisions influence the economy.  This course allowed me to better understand how to make business decisions.
ECON 212: Macroeconomics This course teaches students about large-scale topics that influence the economy.  This course focused on national economic measures and ratios, such as interest, Gross Domestic Product, etc. to evaluate the economic standing of nations across the globe.  This course helped me understand economic calculations.
MNGT 381: Introduction to Marketing During this course students learn about how companies build strong customer relationships to create value for customers and capture value from customers in return.  Topics of discussion included advertising, sales tactics, company assets, liabilities, net income, etc.  This course has helped me further develop my listening and observation skills.

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