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Justin Tidd Site


This website has a very good and clean layout which make the navigation easy. The color scheme is used trough the whole website and incorporates the quickmenu on the left column giving a great look and feel. The only minor problem in this design is the footer, on which the color of the links is too dark and difficult to see in the dark red background.
The divs and subdivs are very well defined and are working perfectly, the quickmenu is also functional and images are displaying correctly, only missing the javascript implementation in the products page.

Billie’s Website

billiewebThis website has a very clean look and feel, the white background really matches the pictures used making it look really good. The layout seems to be too compact, maybe the content area in the homepage should be more extense so the footer div wouldn’t appear under the quickmenu on the left. Another change I would recommend is to center the wrapper so the content wouldn’t be all on the left.  The products page also looks very good with the white background, making the product pictures to stand out, it would be good to divide that page into subdivs so the content and the footer are separate, and so that the footer can use the same CSS specifications as the footer on the homepage and on all other pages.

Browser: Firefox


Swoopo innovates the online auction by showing in real time how much time still left for each auction and the current price which is automatically updated. The traditional auction website such as ebay doesn’t offer this real time changes, making swoopo much more dynamic. It also innovates on the system used for bidding, on which the user has to pay for each bid made,more trickier and riskier than traditional websites.


The website layout is very clean and easy to navigate but it lacks a search engine, which is very important to commercial websites, causing some trouble for their users to find auctions.

Analyzing the code from this website, it’s layout is result of a combination of divs and subdivs, with the use of a table on the homepage to organize the auctions displayed, it also uses several javascript actions to make the website more dynamic, for example the submit button on the login section.

Browser: Google Chrome

decathlon web

Decathlon is a Brazilian large chain of sporting goods stores.

Layout & Design: (4 out of 5)

This website homepage has a very good layout, that even with a lot of links is well organized and simple to use. The only problem is the “select a sport” dropdown menu , which is too  packed with links that are the same found in the left column in a easier way. This dropdown menu is very useful when you leave the homepage, but it should be removed from the first page to facilitate navigation.

Usability: (5 out of 5)

This site provides a lot of information for it’s costumers, in a intuitive way, it’s easy to find prices and description of the products, including image and even video of some of them.

decathlon prices

Information about the company, the stores, it’s events and policies is also available.
A good feture of this website is that it provides several way to communicate with the company, including a form the user can submit, and other communities such as facebook, orkut and twiter.

Functionality: (5 out of 5)

This website works really fine, with no misleading links, all images and other media works really fine, the form for user contact works properly, and also do the search engine. And there’s no dead end in this website.

Some good practices that this website utilizes is the consistent design, with good color scheme, the product catalog which is very complete and the great interaction provided by the many ways of keeping contact with consumers.


form 1

This website uses several types of input fields on it’s member registration form.
The RadioButtom appears on the first two fields, and it’s very useful when there are only two or three possible answers
In the country field, there’s a DropDownList, which is very useful when there are several possible answers and you want to define those answers, in this website there’s no way an user can make a mistake spelling his country name, preventing database mistakes.
For the next 4 fields TextBoxes are used, this is very useful when the possible answers are so much that you can’t define the ones that can be accepted. In this cases, the website utilizes validation controls, that analyze if the ZIP code is valid, the Username doesn’t already exists, and if the email address is valid.
Finally, for the Birth Date DropDownList is used once again, because the accepted information can be defined.
When you hit the “Continue Buttom” the validation controls mentioned before takes action, it also analyze if all fields are filled, and none is left blank.

In my website’s Guest Entry I will use this form as an example of good practices, it will be a much smaller form, once some of those information won’t be required,  I’ll probably take the Dropdownlist for the country input, TextBox for First Name, Last Name and Email.

Template: 2228


This template have a very clean and professional look and feel, with the use of blue tonalities, it’s organized and intuitive layout works great for business websites, and  the left column displaying the news is a very interesting element to it’s layout.

I picked this template because it matched the color scheme i was planning for my website and it have some interesting images that can be used on any business website, even if it is sport related.

In my website I utilized the concept of displaying the news on a left column, by adding a left div to the main content, for this news section I also utilized the images from this template.

template 2

Another image i used from this layout was this square with an arrow to create two small banners that are used as links in the right section of my content area.

Browser: Mozilla Firefox

marietta css 1

Analyzing Marietta College’s website with the use of Firebug, the main element IDs can be easily identified, once they are very well designated and allocated, making it easy to update and make changes to the website if necessary.

The first one is  #wrapper which defines the width, the alignment and the position of all the content that will be displayed on this website, this way, all other body elements are grouped inside of the wrapper.

This website also have a #subwrapper, that defines a kind of “canvas” for the website content below the header, that’s why on it’s property there’s a 475px to the top. This id’s  function very similarly to the wrapper. Included on the #subwrapper content, there are other important element Ids for the navigation of this site, which are the #mainnav, which stands for the properties of the horizontal navigation bar right below the header; #leftcol and #right columns; #content of the page, and the #footer.

marietta css 2

The left column parameters such as size and position are defined by #leftcol and it also includes a local menu id and a javascript calendar id.

The #footer id contains several other ids very important to the navigation options of this section.

Besides of the subwrapper, the #Global_nav, #mast and #header ids are also grouped inside the wrapper.
Global navigation id sets the parameters for the top right section of the website, including a searchbar a navigation links. The header id defines how the header will be displayed.

Browser: Google Chrome

nationwide 1

Layout & Design: (5 out of 5)

Nationwide’s website has a very clean and pleasant look and feel , and the layout works very fine, with the navigation bar in java script, not only on the homepage but in the whole website. This kind of tool is useful to save space for the contents, as the links stay hidden in the navigation bar until you move your mouse there and it also adds more interactivity to the website.
The design is very good, with light colors, this website feels like a safe and easy environment, and that’s what is expected from an insurance company.

nationwide 2

Usability: (5 out of 5)

All section are very well divided and it’s content is easy to access, there’s a lot of information provided about the company, a FAQ section that answer most of the problems users may have. Also, the website provides connection with other web applications such as RSS, facebook ect. in order to offer news and information for their users.

Functionality: (4 out of 5)

This website is very functional, all links works fine, no dead end page or images displayed incorrectly. The javascript tools may not be displayed correctly in some older browsers, but using chrome everything worked fine. Also the searchbar is very useful and works fine.

Browser: Google Chrome

craiglists 1

Layout & Design: (4 out of 5)

Craiglist is a classifieds website that allow users to show their offerings from antique to jobs, and make deals in a very simple interface. The website has a very simple layout,  composed only by text arranged in columns, intended to make the navigation more intuitive, and it does it’s job effectively according to the purpose of the website, attracting users from all around the world.
The design is very clever, though it doesn’t have a lot of visual enhancements, it proves that sometimes less is more, and it’s fast navigation makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Usability: (4 out of 5)

The big amount of links on the homepage can be confusing at first, but the display of those links on regions or cities makes it quick to become comfortable with the navigation. Also, when you select the region you want, a search engine is provided, and again, all options are displayed in a very intuitive way.

craiglist 2

Functionality: (5 out of 5)

The functionality of the website if very satisfying, the  search engine is good, all links lead to the right place, there are no dead end pages, though some specific sections in some of the cities, Rio for example, doesn’t have any classifieds, but they are still displayed. Also, users have the possibility to add pictures on their classifieds, and they are all showed correctly.

Browser: Google Chrome

Marietta Homepage

Layout & Design: (5 out of 5)

This website layout is very functional, the homepage provides you all the links you need in a way that is easy to find and pleasant to look at. And the other pages follow this same layout, but with a more simple look, providing more space for the content while keeping the easy navigation.
The design is very good either, using the college’s colors and excellent pictures to illustrate events on campus, the look and feel of the website keeps the navigation interesting.

Usability: (4 out of 5)

While on the homepage you can find links easily, when in other pages, the amount of links can get you confused at first, but the Quicklinks tab and the search bar are very convenient and helpful tools making the navigation between the different pages a lot faster.
Also, on the homepage you can find the link to help page, which provides a lot of information, including a video tutorial, of the website usability and  features of this new version of Marietta College’s website.


Functionality: (5 out of 5)

While navigating on this website i couldn’t find any broken link or image, neither any dead end page. All buttons and links direct to the exact place the are supposed to, and the search bar gives excellent results.

search bar

Browser: Google Chrome


Layout & Design: (2 out of 5)

The layout of the pages on this website can be frightening for new customers, it`s homepage is too crowded with pictures and links and it`s really difficult to find where you really want to click.  When you`re browsing around the website, trying to find the product you want you feel uncomfortable because of this crowdedness, a more simplistic layout, such as best buy`s website, could make your shopping experience a lot better.
The design is very simple, the colors used don`t add a lot of personality for the website, and it fail to keep the costumer`s attention.

Usability: (2 out of 5)

The website offers a lot of information about the company`s policies, such as store addresses, security information, and return policy, it`s all there, but you may have a hard time finding it.
Help is provided by the website in whole section dedicated to it, but again, the poor layout makes it difficult to find what you need because same shopping navigation bars are displayed even if you`re looking for help.
The buying process is very intuitive and straight forward, once you manage to find what you really want to buy.

Functionality: (4 out of 5)

The website works fine, the images are displayed without any problem, all links seems to work fine and search engine provides you good results. None different plugin is required, and it doesn’t loads you pop ups outside of the page.