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R6: Professinal Template Review

Professional Template Review:  Template #2489

Template 2489-site

This template has a wonderful blend of color without being overly busy.  The Blue and yellow are a classic color combination that compliment each other nicely.  The logo on the website will go on the left side of the header where the person in this website is displayed.  The navigation bar is located below the header and makes a clean seperation between the header area and the main content area.  The use of  additional color at the top of the content boxes in the main content area is a suttle, yet eyecatching.  This is a good way to draw the eye to the main content area without being overly busy or flashy.   See the close-up of the main content area below, the small details like the shadow effect around the content boxes really make it stand out. 


Template 2489-content

The plans for the website being created use divs in the main content area of the website to divide the main content area into a similar configuration to display feature items and important information on the home page of the website.  Placing the drop down navigation bar along the bottom of the header similar to the one above allows  the main content area to be more open, and the content boxes in the main content area will allow products to be featured.  This template has a well rounded look and seems well balanced.


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