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My name is Anthony Savarino. I am a Sports Management major.

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  • Anthony Savarino wrote a new blog post: What’s Wrong With Uber?   2 years, 11 months ago

    Uber is one of the new up and coming things for everyone back at home. Some people that I have talked to though seem so confused when it is brought up in a conversation though because in some parts of the states and the world Uber just really isn’t that popular. In my opinion I

  • Anthony Savarino wrote a new blog post: D4- Edward Snowden Villain or Hero?   2 years, 11 months ago

    To be completely honest I haven’t ever heard about Edward Snowden until reading a few articles about him this weekend on the ride home. After doing some research I have learned a couple very important things and crucial things that he has done within the American government. Many people debate whether Edward Snowden is an

  • Anthony Savarino wrote a new blog post: D3- Second Life   3 years ago

    I believe the use of virtual worlds will start to become more popular in the next couple of years. Some of the things that drive me to say this are the prices of college room and board and tuition. I think that if people could “go to class” virtually without having to get up live

  • Anthony Savarino wrote a new blog post: B2- The ”BIG Apple”   3 years ago

    The iPhone 6s will really impact the technology market and the life of the users. The new 3D touch technology will really draw in consumers and Apple product lovers. The force technology will let users quickly perform tasks without fully opening up the application, also instead of looking at mail or messages if you press

  • Anthony Savarino wrote a new blog post: B1- How imformation technology has changed my life   3 years, 1 month ago

    Information technology has changed my life by making it easier to get things done when i am not at home in front of a computer sitting at a desk. With the release of new electronic devices people are now able to take hand held computers with them on the road. An example of these new

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