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  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: W10: Transition to College   3 years, 11 months ago

    It is exciting knowing that it is already my tenth week here at Marietta College!  The most difficult part of my college transition has definitely been time management due to the fact that I am a commuter.  I live about 25 minutes away from Marietta College, and on a normal day I have to make

  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: W9: Major   4 years ago

    I have not yet decided on a major here at Marietta College, however there are majors that I am interested in and am considering to declare as my major.  I am very interested in majors that are a part of the Business field, such as management, economics, and finance.  I have always enjoyed classes at

  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: W8: Social Media in Society   4 years ago

    Social media has become a very popular and useful tool for people in today’s society.  People can use social media to impact society by sharing information about news, current events, and entertainment.  While most people I know use social media to spread true information about news or entertainment, many people in the world do not.

  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: W7: Capgemini and UPMC   4 years ago

    Capgemini and UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) are two companies that rely on technology for their employees to perform their daily tasks.  Capgemini is a company that helps its clients “transform in order to improve their performance and competitive positioning”.  Capgemini works with many well-known companies (Microsoft, IBM, etc.) and many regional companies, and

  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: W6: Assignment 3   4 years ago

    For my assignment 3 project, I would like to talk about how Britain uses the Internet for commerce, education, cultures, entertainment, and how their practices differ from those of the United States of America.  I chose to research Britain for this assignment because I feel that the U.S. and Britain share many of the same

  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: W5: America’s Role in Spreading Technology   4 years ago

    I find the question of whether or not the United States of America should help other countries gain access to the digital world very interesting because I understand both opinions on this situation of America intervening to help other countries.  While there are advantages of America helping other countries, including giving the people of those

  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: W4: Technology 1981-1994   4 years, 1 month ago

    There were many advances in computing that occurred from 1981 to 1994.  Two events from the slides that we saw in class that drew my attention were in 1983 when Microsoft announced Word, (originally called Multi-Tool Word), and in 1988 when Pixar’s “Tin Toy” became the first computer-animated film to win an Academy Award.  These

  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: W3: Changes in Technology   4 years, 1 month ago

    It is evident that technology has changed over the years, but I hadn’t realized how drastically technology has changed until Professor Van Camp showed us the evolution of technology from the 1800s to today in class on Wednesday.  I love to listen to music, therefore I am interested in the change of technology that involves

  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: W2: Impact of Technology   4 years, 1 month ago

    Technology has a strong impact on America’s labor force and the global labor force. Technology has positively impacted the work force by helping companies become more efficient. For instance, technology allows companies to produce more goods by using machinery and assembly lines, technology helps companies produce goods faster which leads to more profit, and technology

  • Lindsey Arnold wrote a new blog post: Week 1: Social Media   4 years, 1 month ago

    Social media is a highly controversial topic in today’s society.  Every day there are stories on the news about the advantages and disadvantages of social media.  For instance, the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” has recently made national headlines with the help of social media.  Besides helping organizations advertise  and raise money, other advantages of social