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My name is Mel. I play basketball for Marietta College, and my major is Marketing.

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  • Mel Shuler wrote a new blog post: What’s wrong with Uber? ”   2 years, 11 months ago

    Uber is new service that is hitting the market fast. Uber is the hot new thing in America. Everyone is using Uber now, from college students to full time workers.  Uber has become the new way of public transportation. It is a public transportation service anyone can use with a license or anything. It has

  • Mel Shuler wrote a new blog post: D4-Hero or Traitor   2 years, 11 months ago

    Edward Snowden is a hero and a villian. These two nouns are typically opposites but in this case it is possible to be both. He leaked information on his country. He was in a career where secrets are imperative and he failed to hold on to his duty. He was wrong because he knew that

  • Mel Shuler wrote a new blog post: D3- Second Life   3 years ago

    Virtual worlds are pretty cool but in this case I am not a fan. I personally, didn’t like seocnd life at all. It seemed like a knock off version of  Sims. I do enjoy social media but I don’t think this is the future of it. It seems very old school and it seems like

  • Mel Shuler wrote a new blog post: B2- The ”Big Apple”   3 years, 1 month ago

    In the latest technology news, Apple has relaeased a few fantastic new products. The iPhone 6s and 6s plus, iPad Pro, Apple pencil, and the Apple TV will soon be the next big thing! The new iPhone’s are said to be the most powerful iPhone’s yet. In fact the most powerful phones ever! They are

  • Mel Shuler wrote a new blog post: B1   3 years, 1 month ago

    How has technology  changed my life?

    Technology has made my life easier. It  makes it very easy to get any information I need or want. For example, on Sunday the VMA’s, were on. I was not able to watch the event on TV in my room. I get on twitter and I find out everything I

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