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You have to think anyway, so why not think big? -Donald Trump

Welcome! My name is Michael “Gabe” Crowe and I am a student at Marietta College who is looking for experience in the management or financial work force.

I have many years of leadership experience leading different types of people in multiple contexts and cultures. Through many years and classes in the McDonough leadership program, I feel I am prepared to step into any leadership role that is handed to me.

I am working on a duel major of International Business and International Leadership Studies, with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Marietta College.

I currently have a 3.3 gpa, and I am involved in many organizations such as Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.

After I graduate, I would like to continue my education and broaden my abilities with a Masters of Business Administration.

In Spring 2017, I will be studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany while interning at Mobil Elektronic GMBH. I will be keeping a blog where visitors can track my adventures and my experiences as I make my way around Europe. The goal of this excursion is to broaden my international business acumen and to develope my management and leadership skills with people in different cultures. I will be studying at the European Study Center where I will be working side by side with students from all corners of the world.

Int'l Bus

The main goal of this e-portfolio is to get my name out there and to give easy access to prior works of mine to potential employers. With changing times, having a physical resume is just not enough. This e-portfolio allows me to provide an easy to use interface which can serve potential employers with an easy way to contact me, learn more about me and my works, and to track my future successes. Some of these features include my resume, sample works, extracurricular affiliations, references and links, my McDonough foundation, and my blog.

Please feel free to browse the remainder of my portfolio! Please contact me if you have any questions!

(330) 974-8581 {}

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