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Sample Works

This page displays some of the works that I have completed over my time at Marietta College. These are only a few of my relevant works and this page will be updated as I garner more experience. I hope these works show my development as a student in the multiple fields of my studies. I decided to include only works that pertained to the business field and Germany, other than the case study which shows my MIS skills. I did this to show my understanding of German economics and culture, which is important for my career choice.

If you have any questions pertaining to my works, or would like to see others which display different skill sets, please contact me.
Updates soon to come!


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Globalization in Germany Leadership Paper In this project, I examined how globalization has changed the way managers lead around the world, specifically Germany Managing and Leading in a Globalized Business Context
Germany Economic Project This piece is from an ongoing econ project where I examined Germany’s economic state. This specific question covered Germany’s Current and Goods and Services Account Balances Germany Economic Structure
Mobile Application Case Study This case study explores how mobile technology has changed the business world Meet the New Mobile Workers Case Study

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