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apple-iphone-6sThe impact on the new Apple iPhone 6s is very large. The announcement of the new iPhone has spread quickly and right now lots of people are preordering these new smart phones. A significant amount has changed on the new iPhone compared to the older iPhone 6. The new iPhone now has new “3D Touch”. This technology is entirely new to the smart phone industry. The 3D touch will be revolutionary to smart phone technology. The new iPhone can now access different applications by the amount of pressure applied to the screen. Another new improvement to the iPhone is the camera. The new camera now has 12 megapixels instead of 8 megapixels. In my opinion this is my favorite improvement because I use my phone for pictures the most. There are also more improvements that the new iPhone has. CNET reviewed the new iPhone 6s and said that the visual appearance has not changed except for the new finish, “rose gold”. CNET thinks that the new technology on the iPhone could be an influential change but it is hard to tell. I agree with the visual appearance not changing a lot. I think that the technological changes are what I like the most about the new iPhone and I think that other people will too. Here is the link for the article on the new iPhone from CNET. http://www.cnet.com/products/apple-iphone-6s/

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