D3 – SecondLife.com whats the future of virtual worlds?

Posted by mnh001 on Oct 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

I don’t think that virtual worlds will work well in the future. Virtual worlds take away from what the real world is because if virtual worlds were to become a big part of society, people would lose real contact with other people and just rely on the virtual world. I think that Second Life is a lot like Sims. I use to play Sims a lot when I was younger and to me Second Life is trying to make a virtual world like Sims. This would not be efficient for meetings for business because there are a lot of glitches to Second Life. With all of the glitches, it will not be helpful to businesses. People have ways now to make meetings with people by using something like Skype to talk to that person. Second Life is not necessary to use and with the glitches that Second Life has it will not make a lot of benefits to businesses. Also with Second Life being a lot like Sims, it is not original. That is why i think that Second Life will not be the future for virtual worlds because Sims already is a game for making a virtual world and Second Life is not efficient enough.

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