How has IT impacted my life

by using facebook, I can know more friends in my college and I can find some friends who are lost for many years. For example, I have a really good friend when I was in middle school. Then he and his family went to UK after we graduated from middle school. He always call me after he went there. However,  one day I losed my cellphone. Then, I lost touch with him.  After I came to the US, I started to use Facebook. The first week I use it, I got a really big surprise. I got a application from him! Now, we can share our experiences of  studying abroad. How wonderful is it!  By the way, there is a Chinese web site which name is Xiaonei or renren. It is pretty same to Facebook. I use it keep in touch with my friends go to college in China.

E-mail is a really important part of college life now. If you do not check your e-mail very often, you will miss a lot of things in school. Professor like to use e-mail to remind student to finish homework. If you forget doing your homework,you can realize that by cheching e-mail. And the bank like to send some important information by using e-mail. For some international students who came here not with boy/girl friend, e-mail is a good way to connect with each other. 

Now, IT improves very fast, it makes people closer and makes our life better.

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