Rachel Yearbook Hi, my name is Rachel Jones and I am currently a sophomore at Marietta College.  I am originally from Dublin, Ohio which is a suburb of Columbus.  I have always been a huge Ohio State fan with both of my parents going to school there and also living so close to the campus. 

My current major is Marketing with a minor in Sports Management.  I have always loved sports even as a child so my ideal internship would be working with a local sports franchise in Ohio for the upcoming summer.   

I have worked many different jobs since I was a senior in high school.  I am a very hard work and take pride in what I do.  I feel accomplished every time a paycheck comes in the mail because I know I had to work for that money it just was not given to me by my parents. The main line of work I have done in the past is working with customer service type needs.  You can see my prior work experience on my resume page.

During these past two years at Marietta I feel I have grown not only as an individual but as a student.  This past year and a half has challenged me mentally and physically.  Marietta has showed me how the real world will be once I graduate from college.  I feel this institution has made me be a more diligent and responsible person not only with my school work but also becoming a more well rounded individual.  You can look at my past papers on my work samples page.

At Marietta I have been able to do things I would have never done if I would have gone to a larger university.  I am currently a member on the women’s varsity basketball team.  As being one of the upperclassmen this year it is our job to show the incoming freshman how things are done here.  I was also fortunate enough the beginning of my freshman year to go white water rafting in West Virginia.  That was definitely one of the highlights of my college career that I will never forget.  You can read more into this one my college experience page. 

An organization that I am proud to be a part of is the Student Athletic Advisory Council.  We meet about every other week and try to think of ideas for the student body to get more involved with the athletics program here at Marietta.  I also work the concession stand for the football games to earn money for my sport as well as I have volunteered at the humane society.