College Experience

Marietta College has provided me the time of my life.  When people say college are some of the best years of there life I now understand why.   The activities that have been provided here are ones I would never experience elsewhere. 

I play Varsity Women’s Basketball at Marietta.  I have made some of my best friends from being on the team and have not even finished my sophomore year yet.  I feel that just shows how being at a small school you really create bonds with people and understand where other people come from that are different from yourself.  During winter break the only people that are on campus are the Women’s and Men’s teams so all you do is practice then go eat then hang out with your team for four weeks so the team becomes extremely close during that time.  This bond I have with my team I feel I can also create at any company I work for.  I am also a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council which has two representatives from each sports team share their thoughts on how to get the student body more involved.  Our job is to show other students that even if you are not a player you can still participate in the athletic community on campus. 

Another college experience that has been special to me is when during my first semester of freshman year when I went white water rafting in West Virginia.  For some of the freshman the college payed in full the trip plus food.  The water was so cold and it was raining outside but at that point I didn’t care because I was already wet because of the river.  One of the boats on our trip even flipped into the water and our raft had to go get the other people out of the water.  The trip brought our group together and showed teamwork which was the main point of the trip.