Community Service

I feel community service is essential for a well rounded student.  At Marietta College being a small liberal arts college the main idea is not to be knowledgeable in just one field but have a wide variety of opportunities and community service is one of them.

I have helped out through the Women’s Basketball team at the local humane society.  We helped paint the cat room to make it look more inviting and cheerful.  We also walked some of the dogs and helped fold papers to get  the word out that the humane society making a lot of changes to make it more inviting for people to come in and look for pets to adopt.

I have also volunteered at the Athens County Historical Society to get service hours.   When I first got there I wasn’t expecting anything exciting but I learned quite a bit from all the artifacts of not just only Athens but of all Southeastern Ohio.  I was able to help them fold papers and clean the building to make it look nice for people walking in.

I also have helped out at the Ohio University Recycling Plant by separating the trash from the recyclables.  I felt really accomplished after doing this knowing that I had helped out the environment even if it was on one college campus hopefully others will follow in Ohio University’s footsteps and continue the recycling program.  Marietta has started to go green as well as by giving every dorm room a recycling bin to put there empty bottles in.