Work Samples

This page is about my past work that I have done my first two years at Marietta College.  These will hopefully give your company a better idea of my writing style and things I could add to your business.  I feel each of these papers show how dedicated of an individual I am and how hard I will work for any company to make it more successful. 

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College 200  This paper describes what I plan to do with my major when I graduate from Marietta. It describes what my future goals are and how I plan on achieving them in a sufficient time period.    college 200 final paper
 Writing 101  I wrote this paper on a topic which was given to me by my professor. He wanted us to read an article in our textbook and see if we had an opposing view towards it. The article was about how computers are affecting our society and what can be done in the future. This paper shows the creativeness I can give to a company on any subject matter.     computers on todays society
 FYSE 101  This paper was about what does success mean to people. It explains how success can be reached about where you can go to find it. I feel this paper explains how one can achieve greatness not only on a small scale but on a much larger one.  society and success paper