B6 – Thoughts on “The Social Network”

My thoughts on the movie “The Social Network” are that he movie is very good for the “computer nerds” and geeks. It’s even great for regular person that knows nothing about the underlining of one of their favorite social networks to use. On a side note, I don’t really think that he stole from the two brothers in no way though, he simply made their idea 100x better than what they expected. The site they wanted to create would¬† have been plain and unintuitive. I really like how he used python¬† to make such an advanced networking system. It intrigues me, because I am currently in a computer programming class that uses python and I think it is the most boring thing ever. I would have never realized that an old version of python could have made something like Facebook. The movie made me want to be more knowledgeable on the subject, because maybe I could use some type computer program to create something that in the future I could possibly become rich and famous off of. The movie showed how anything could become something, just from a tiny/childish idea which evolved into something bigger and better. Now he is sitting on a million dollars.

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