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Hi, my name is Seth and welcome to my ePortfolio! I am from Wirt County, West Virginia and I will be a Junior starting my second year at Marietta College in the Fall of 2016. I am a Certified Public Accounting major and will most likely graduate May of 2018. I am currently looking for an internship and would like to work as an account for a company. My GPA is 3.3 and I have maintained above a 3.0 average GPA throughout my entire education.

Before attending Marietta College, I was a student at West Virginia University of Parkersburg. Preceding my college education I was a student at Wirt County High School where I was in the top 10 of my graduating class of 2014. I was involved in FBLA and participated in sports. The sports that I played in high school were varsity golf and varsity track. To go even farther back, I was in a gifted program for exceptional students starting in the 3rd grade and was there until I was put into middle school.

I have been around electronics all my life, and have a knack for computer work. I was one of the fastest typers in my middle school keyboard class and can currently type around 90 words a minute. My classes have been heavily online and throughout high school we were made to use a laptop for the majority of our school work. I have exceeded in all of my Microsoft Office classes, high school and college.

Here in my ePortfolio, you will find my resume. You will also see some of my sample works that are relative to my major. I have taken several classes this year at Marietta College and I will provide a page with descriptions of my classes. Lastly, there is a page that contains details about the first missionary trip I will be attending with my church going to Guatemala which will be updated farther after my visit there!

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