eportfolio pictureWelcome to my ePortfolio! My name is Sean Munfield. I am a Sports Management major at Marietta College and I plan on graduating in 2013.  I am currently in my 3rd semester here at Marietta.  I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida and grew up there untill I moved to Marietta, Ohio during the 7th grade.  When moving to ohio I enrolled in Marietta Middle School then went on to Marietta High School where I obtained my High School degree.  In high school I was a tri-athlete year round, participating in Football, Basketball, and then Track in the spring.  Being an athlete helps boost motivation and the desire to succeed.  Being in the Sports Management program you are required to have two Intershipsbefore graduation.  I personally am excited to get out in the work force and to prepare myself with the experience and skills needed to obtain a successful job.  Which is why this summer I am hoping to get an Intership which will lead me on the road to a bright and successful future. 


After obtianing internships in my field I plan on having a job I am happy going to on a daily basis.  Sports is one of my biggest passions if not my biggest and to work in an enviromentwhere your surrounded by your passion couldn’t be better.  Knowing I will be working in the field of my passion drives my motivation to its fullest where I can perform professionally and efficiently while still being happy with what I do every day.  My work experience has started every since I could push a lawn mower.  I was given the resposibility to mow a handful of yards on a weekly bases in my middle school years and that carried on untill I worked for the grounds crew at Marietta College when I was still in high school.  I gained the most knowledge of team work and responsibility in the work force when I joined the Broughtons Dairy company.  Working 40+ a week and ungodly shifts it reflected my true character.  The work was tough but was a challenge I had to overcome.

Family is very important to me and will always be my main priority.  My family has given me everything I have and I would not be where I am today without them.

Please feel free to contact me at smm005@marietta.edu

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