Although football takes up the majority of my time, I really enjoy hanging with my friends and getting out to meet new people.  I also really enjoy the outdoors and everything that comes with it.  Fishing is one of my favorite outdoor activities and I have been and avid fisher ever since I first went deep sea fishing with my Uncle as a kid.  When im not fishing I enjoy going to my buddifishinges house and taking his 4-wheelers out on the trails.  Weight lifting and health is an important interest of mine.  Being healthy is key to maintaining a successful lifestyle and will benifit you in the long run. 

Music is my most passionate hobbies.  I love music and everything that comes with it.  Music is something you can use no matter what mood or emotion you are feeling.  Whether you in a bad mood and need an uplift, or your in the locker room getting mentally prepared for a football game.  I listen to music on a daily basis and would be lost without it.music&mac_icon

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