July 2015

me and border

I have not had a very busy summer, and I am glad for it. I am only taking one online course, Introduction to Management Information Systems, which is almost over, and has been an interesting course. Otherwise, I have been reading and making music most of the day, which I enjoy quite a bit. I also spend all day with my dog, Border (my best friend). In around a week my entire family will be going to Switzerland on vacation, and I am happy that our entire family will be together since my brother has been gone the entire summer conducting medical research at Yale. One major event that I am also anticipating is my first semester at Marietta College, since I am transferring from another university. I am unsure yet excited about what lays ahead for me.

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Hello world!

Welcome to MCIS Department Community. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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