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Case Study on Enterprise Social Network
Course: Introduction to Management Information Systems

  • This case study discusses the slowly increasing use of enterprise social networks in modern workplaces. Enterprise social networks often fail due to inadequate resources and management. It expands on the possible benefits of collaboration systems and the organizational structure necessary to ensure their success in businesses.

Case Study (pdf)
Research Paper on the Social Effects of Modern Technology

Course: Interpretation and Argument

  • This research paper was written for a humanities class that emphasized concise, clear writing and close, careful reading. It examines the social repercussions of modern technology, primarily through the consequential loss of privacy. Through the events in modern history which eventually led to a currently technology-dependent culture, I argue that the increased self-awareness is detrimental to society since it perpetuates social norms.

Research Paper (pdf)
note: both papers below were written for a French class, and are, in fact, in French. they serve to demonstrate my level of proficiency and articulation in French.

Essay on French and American Cultural Icons

Course: Introduction to French Culture

  • In this essay, I compare French and American cultural icons and how these icons affect external conception of each of their cultures. Through this examination, I also propose that culture of a group is a set of ideas and traditions which molds the lives of this collective group

Essay on French Culture through a Global Lens

Course: Introduction to French Culture

  • This paper discusses the, now rapidly declining, global importance of French culture. Although France has produced great thinkers and writers in the past that are still very relevant today, the current generation has maintained an insignificant global presence. I argue that the prevailing attitude of the French against globalization is largely responsible for this cultural decline.
Cultural Icons Essay (pdf)

French Culture Essay (pdf)