photoHello everyone!

My name is Taryn Hicks and I am a Public Accounting and Business Management double major with a minor in Leadership Studies. I chose this area of study because I have always loved math and numbers, but I also have always enjoyed social sciences. In business, I will have the opportunity to work with people and in teams, while also being involved with logistics. To view more about the curriculum and degree that I am pursuing the Marietta College Business and Economics department provides important information about the department that I am a part of!

I am currently studying at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio with an anticipated graduation date in May of 2018. I am seeking internships and general experience opportunities in the field of accounting and business management. I take many classes within the Business and Economics department such as financial and managerial accounting, human resources management, and marketing, but also enjoy taking classes outside my major such as global leadership, environmental science, and statistics. My coursework has given me a broader knowledge base and I am grateful for my decision to pursue a liberal arts education.

While classes and coursework are an essential part of college, it is also incredibly valuable to be involved in organizations on campus and in the community. During my time at Marietta, I have become a part of several organizations on and off campus that have provided me with experience and allowed me to develop my leadership skills. For instance, I enjoy volunteering on a non-profit board and within other organizations in the community. I also have taken on leadership positions on campus and in my sorority. I find great value in not only being involved on Marietta College’s campus, but also throughout the community. I have found a deep connection with volunteering here and explain more about here!

Thank you for taking the time visit my page and please take a look at some of my other posts to learn more about me and my life experiences!