Internship Reflection

2016 April 19
by Taryn Hicks

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my page. Today I am writing about my internship experience this last spring 2016 semester and reflecting on that opportunity.

I started interning at Perry and Associate’s, CPAs, a local accounting firm with offices in Marietta and St. Clairsville, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia. I  spent my time in the Marietta office as a tax intern. I reported to the head tax accountant as well as two staff accountants. My daily tasks included performing bank reconciliations, preparing financial statements, entering data into both individual’s and company’s tax returns, preparing the tax files for the next day’s appointments, and calling entities to set up appointments or ask questions that we may have about their financial information. I was exposed to financial software such as Quickbooks and PeachTree as well as the tax package software. During my three months as an intern, I was able to develop my knowledge and experience in the accounting field, work in a professional environment, and be exposed to teamwork in a business setting.

One of my favorite memories of my internship is working with my boss to complete a tax return for an individual who owned 12 separate partnerships. The information we were given was unorganized and we had no hint as to which documents and financial statements were to go with which entity. We worked together to communicate with the owner and organize the return. When everything was organized and entered into the return, there was a sense of accomplishment that I felt. I enjoyed working as a team with my boss and I appreciated how much confidence she had in me.

Overall, I learned so much from my internship regarding accounting material and the environment in a business workplace. It was very helpful to be able to apply the knowledge I have gained from my course to a job. I have gained significant and useful experience regarding tax accounting and am very grateful for this experience as a sophomore in college.

I hope to continue interning throughout college and experience the auditing sector, corporate accounting, and hopefully get some experience with forensic accounting.

Thank you again for visiting my blog! Stay tuned for more posts!


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