College Experiences

Hi everybody! Today I want to give detail about what I am a part of on campus at Marietta College and how those have contributed to my experience as a college student. Below you will find some further information about what organizations I am involved with on campus.

McDonough Leadership Program


The McDonough Leadership Program has played a large role in my college experience. The program has provided me with opportunities to get involved through volunteering while also offering several professional development opportunities. For example, in April of 2016, I was the Assistant Conference Chair of the McDonough Leadership Conference where over 20 institutions were represented and I will be the Conference Chair in 2017. This experience has given me a ability to develop my leadership style further through applying the knowledge from my courses and given me the chance to network with other students and speakers. The McDonough Leadership Program has opened my mind up to different ways of leading and assisted me in becoming involved in organizations that I am passionate about.

Pioneer Pipeline


Pioneer Pipeline is a program on campus that brings the local high school’s special education students to the Marietta College campus and students serve as mentors to the high school students. The program is meant to assist the transition from high school and to integrate students with disabilities into life outside of school. I served as a mentor to a 16 year-old girl with down syndrome named Ashton. I worked to help her find a job on campus and participated in recreational, social, and educational activities with her.