Community Service

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. This post is going to talk about community service that I like to do within the community. I have always really enjoyed giving back, but my opportunities to do so were expanded when I came to Marietta College and began my curriculum in the McDonough Leadership Program. Over the last two years, I have enjoyed volunteering with four different organizations. Below you will find a picture and a small description of my volunteer work for each organization.

1. The Mid-Ohio Valley Multi Cultural Festival


The above image is the logo for the Mid Ohio Valley Multi Cultural Festival. My volunteer work with the organization consists of sitting on the board of the festival and partaking in planning the festival which is mostly composed of budgeting, finding funding sources through writing grants and searching for donors, booking entertainment, and marketing.

2. Cemeteries Coming Alive


Volunteering with Cemeteries Coming Alive is something that gets me outside and involves a lot of manual labor which you can see above. The objective of this organization is to maintain the beauty of Marietta’s cemeteries to respect those who are buried there and their families. My favorite part about volunteering with this organization is seeing the tangible outcome of the work that was put in.

3. Washington County Humane Society


My time volunteering at the Washington County Humane Society is a time where I get to express my love for animals. Volunteering here is enjoyable and can really allow me to give back and help animals in need.

4. The Marietta Family YMCA


I also volunteered as a youth volleyball coach at the Marietta Family YMCA for grades 3rd-8th. This position gave me the opportunity to continue being a part of a sport that I have always loved and work with kids in the community who share the same love for the sport. I think playing sports is so important for young kids to get them active, involved, and committed.