Sample Works

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my page. This post is to share some samples of my work that I have done throughout my time as a college student. As a Public Accounting and Business Management double major with an emphasis in leadership, many of my works consists of papers, poster projects, and case studies. Below there is an example of each type of work that I have completed throughout many of my classes at Marietta College.

Sample Works Description
Accounting and Globalization Paper

This paper was an assignment for my Global Leadership class and it analyzes how globalization in the world has affected the field of accounting. It goes into detail about public, global companies and how they are dealing with various reporting standards throughout the world.

Amazon Poster Presentation

This is a poster that I made as a part of my Leadership in Business class about Amazon as a company and their leadership style. It focuses on the founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, who has instilled his leadership practices throughout the company by implementing a set of guidelines for his employees to follow. I used the poster as a presentation tool to illustrate Jeff Bezos as an authority compliant leader and explain how that is working for him and his company.

MIS Case Study

This is a case study was an assignment for a Management Information Systems class. It required me to analyze a situation and apply the material from the course to answer the questions. Assignments such as these take knowledge of theories and critical thinking skills.

These documents are real and accurate examples of work that I have completed for my courses. Thank you for taking time to take a look at the examples of my work that I have provided!