ImageWelcome to my ePortfolio.  My name is Tyler Stathers, and I am a Computer Science major at Marietta College.  I plan to graduate in 2011.  My goal at least for the near future is to find either a summer job or an internship somehow related to the broad field of computer science.  This ePortfolio includes as much of a descrption of myself for potential employers that I can include.  I have my resumé, some samples of projects I have completed, this short description of myself, a description of the college courses I have taken, and a fifth page with a little more information about myself.  While I do not yet have any formal work experience, I have been working with computers for more or less my whole life, and this has taught me to adapt to many of the things that do go wrong with them, and how to get the most out of the computer and programs that I have.  Because of this, I can easily adapt to whatever new system I need to use.  I have experience with many programming languages, including C#, Pascal, C, Java, and Visual Basic.  I also can effectivly use any version of Windows, and all of the programs in the Microsoft Office software package.  While I do not have any formal work experience, I do have experience working with and leading others from my time in the Boy Scouts of America.  I have worked on many different community projects with my troop, totaling more than 80 hours, and I am an eagle scout.  Partially from my experiences with boy scouts, I am a very reliable worker.  If I am asked to do something, or if I see something that could be improved, I will do my best do do it, and I do not give up on things easily.  Overall, I am quick to adapt to new things and I am a hard worker.

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