Courses Taken

This is a list of the courses related to my major that I have taken so far.

Programming I – Taken in high school, but was taught with Pascal so it gave me a better understanding of programming before I could use some of the more “modern” languages.

Programming I and II (CSCI-115, CSCI-116)-  Fairly simple introductory programming courses, involving just about all of the basics in computer programming.  Taught using C#, so I have a farily strong knowledge of that language.

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (CSCI- 310) – (In Progress) An extension of programming I and II that focuses more how to make programs efficient.  Taught using Java.

Computer Architecture and Programming (CSCI-215) – An introduction to the way computers run at lower levels, involving a fair amount of programming in assembly language.

Computer Organization (CSCI-216) – A continuation of CSCI-215, involving even lower level structures, such as gates and the way processors use the fetch/execute cycle.

Operating Systems (CSCI-380) –  An introduction to the way operating systems are built and the types of issues they have to deal with.  This class involved some use of the C language, as operating systems generally make heavy use of it.

Using Database Management Systems (CSCI-230) – An introduction to creating and managing databases with Microsoft Access.

Artificial Intelligence (CSCI-385) – An introduction to the way code can use various techniques to make programs “think”.

Mobile Game Development (CSCI-394) – (In Progress) An introduction to the way programs and games are developed for mobile devices.  Taught using Java.

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