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This ePortfolio was created as an assignment for one of my current classes, MIS-220.  And as a result of that, it is required to have 5 content pages.  And as you can see, I only have 4 besides this one.  This page is my fifth page.  It is here mostly to tell you a little more about me, without requiring me to stretch out a small amout of important information or add information about myself that is probably not important.  I did not think any of the suggested topics individually were particularly helpful to describe myself, so I instead used a combination of all of them.  The suggested topics for our fifth page were:

College Experiences, of which I do not have any current club or organization memberships.

Photo Albums, and I am not exactly a photogenic person and do not even have any photos of myself on the laptop I am using at college, so a page dedicated to them was not really an option.

Certificates and Awards, of which I have recieved little out of the ordinary since entering college.  I have made the deans list or the honor roll each semester so far with my cumulative GPA of 3.5, but that did not seem to me significant enough to write an entire page on.  I am also, as I stated on the first page, an eagle scout, and while once you are an eagle scout you are always an eagle scout, I recieved that rank before entering college.  Also, Marietta College sent two teams to the ACM’s ICPC(International Collegiate Programming Contest) last year, and the team I was on, consisting of two sophomores and a freshman, while we did fairly well for our first time in the competition, did not place high enough for me to consider it a major achievement.

Organizations and Work Samples: I have made no attempt to conceal the fact that I do not yet have any work experience, and that should make my reason for not including this section fairly obvious.

Community Service: While I have put a lot of time into community service through my time in the boy scouts, I have not been particularly active since entering college, as I have been busy with schoolwork and have not activly sought out community service positions.

I hope this page(or lack thereof) has been somewhat helpful in showing the kind of person I am, and in showing my at least somewhat innovative way of tackling a rather different kind of problem.

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