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On this page I have listed several of the assignments I have had to do for college classes.  As a computer science major, most of my classes have been math or science related, with very few formal essays (at least so far), so I have tried to include some work from those classes as well as some from other classes that are not directly related to my major, to show what I can do besides write code or answer questions for programming or math classes.  While this is by no means a complete example of what I have done, it should be a good start.

Work Sample Assignment Description Download File
Computer Organization and Design


A paper describiing the architecture used by Intel’s processors, not the most interesting topic, but the most relevant writing assignment I have. Project4
Artificial Intelligence


We were asked to write a program that, using simple AI methods, plays a game of pente with the user.  As this site only allows certain file types to be uploaded, I have copied my (C#) source code for this project into a Microsoft Word document. Pente Source
First Year Seminar

(A class about Coffee)


A research paper about coffee around the world, and the role coffee plays in industry worldwide. Coffe paper2

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