B2: Should U.S. take military actions on Syria?

Sure, why not? The United States has something to prove. That our military is superior to everyone else’s. I don’t think they want to attack for humanitarian reasons or because a million whinny teenage girls think we should because they used chemical weapons. The United States loves to be the police of the world. Also, I believe our country is very greedy. War pays. For the victor. The intervention in a war we don’t need to be in will be just another brick in the wall for our downfall. I believe more and more bombings and terrorist activities will be targeted at the United States in the near future. We are not as safe as we think. Instead of fearing communists we now fear terrorists. So why not America? Show off your guns when it’s not being tested or argued. It’s profitable and charitable. I’m sure those people will enjoy daily bombings campaigns instead of chemical weapons. The entire Muslim world already hates us. Gotta keep up that reputation!

Sunday, September 15th, 2013 Uncategorized