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B7 – Your favorite e-commerce site!

My favorite e-commerce site is Amazon. They offer many products and services, but not all of them I really enjoy. Their market place for physical items is why I choose to always shop with them, also their shipping and processing is always high end quality. Some products that are exclusive to Amazon like the Kindle or Kindle fire are multi-purpose tablets. I do not really like these tablets and I’m not really a fan of the service that they sell which is Kindle books. I believe the iPad is superior in choice of applications and you can read on it fairly good. Another service Amazon offers is their cloud player, this hunk of junk lets you stream music you purchased from them. In 2013 not many people pay for music these days. The only music I pay for is a Pandora One subscription, and that’s because most of my music I don’t care specifically who’s playing and I don’t want to download tons of different artists. However, I do use the iPod app on my iPhone for on demand music. Another, service they offer is Amazon prime. This membership comes with some perks, free 2 day shipping, steaming videos, and one free kindle book a month. I don’t care for the kindle app because, it’s easier to find the pdf online or pay $1 at many sites. But I can always do free. Plus better shipping, who can say no? It’s $79 a year, which isn’t bad because I pay $95 a year to Netflix. However, Prime’s app doesn’t allow streaming over celluar data and I want to pay monthly (like pandora and netflix) rather than yearly. But I have given it some great thought!

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B6 – Thoughts on “The Social Network”

I thought the movie was well made. It showed how ideas get started and the consequences of legal trouble. But Facebook really started by popularity and simplicity. And the backbone of these ideas our hours upon relentless hours of complicated and very well structured programming. By well structured, besides organization, I am referring to something we have previous talked about in class, Algorithms. For the site Facemash couldn’t even become created without a good algorithm Mark got from a friend. These algorithms help define where the user is directed to after inputting data. I believe, the more we advance into the future, the more complex these problems in technology become. This will be the drive of future jobs and business.

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