B7 – Your favorite e-commerce site!

My favorite e-commerce site is Amazon. They offer many products and services, but not all of them I really enjoy. Their market place for physical items is why I choose to always shop with them, also their shipping and processing is always high end quality. Some products that are exclusive to Amazon like the Kindle or Kindle fire are multi-purpose tablets. I do not really like these tablets and I’m not really a fan of the service that they sell which is Kindle books. I believe the iPad is superior in choice of applications and you can read on it fairly good. Another service Amazon offers is their cloud player, this hunk of junk lets you stream music you purchased from them. In 2013 not many people pay for music these days. The only music I pay for is a Pandora One subscription, and that’s because most of my music I don’t care specifically who’s playing and I don’t want to download tons of different artists. However, I do use the iPod app on my iPhone for on demand music. Another, service they offer is Amazon prime. This membership comes with some perks, free 2 day shipping, steaming videos, and one free kindle book a month. I don’t care for the kindle app because, it’s easier to find the pdf online or pay $1 at many sites. But I can always do free. Plus better shipping, who can say no? It’s $79 a year, which isn’t bad because I pay $95 a year to Netflix. However, Prime’s app doesn’t allow streaming over celluar data and I want to pay monthly (like pandora and netflix) rather than yearly. But I have given it some great thought!

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B6 – Thoughts on “The Social Network”

I thought the movie was well made. It showed how ideas get started and the consequences of legal trouble. But Facebook really started by popularity and simplicity. And the backbone of these ideas our hours upon relentless hours of complicated and very well structured programming. By well structured, besides organization, I am referring to something we have previous talked about in class, Algorithms. For the site Facemash couldn’t even become created without a good algorithm Mark got from a friend. These algorithms help define where the user is directed to after inputting data. I believe, the more we advance into the future, the more complex these problems in technology become. This will be the drive of future jobs and business.

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B5 – What features should Apple introduce in iPhone 6?

They need to improve their software. iOS 7 is hated by a large amount of people and none of them can go back to iOS 6. iOS 7 looks nice at first, but once it set it people decided it was too childish and unprofessional. Also, it causes major battery loss due to all the new features of the device. I think they need more personal customization regarding what people can do on their devices. That’s why Apple is losing many customers to other companies that host the Android software instead. Apple needs to revamp the software for ease of use, easy on the eyes, and a better version of “simplicity”.

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B4: Biometric technology for information security?

I think it’s a step forward in information security. The amount of technology coming out lately is really something spectacular. It’s extremely impressive. I believe this type of technology would be helpful for most users. But it definitely has it’s security risks. Finger prints are everywhere. If someone were to get somebody else finger prints they could easily get access to that persons sensitive information. So their is good and bad to this type of new security. But if they were to use some other method that is not easily hackable for instance a scanner for your eye. It would be increasingly hard for hackers. But with everything in technology security, their is always a loophole.

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B3: How has information technology impacted our everyday lives?

Information technology has influenced my life in so many ways it’s hard to describe. As I write this I am using information technology. The biggest impact of information technology is Facebook or Twitter. Social media has changed the word as we know it. Anything and everything is posted online within seconds after thought. This can be good and bad. The internet is a whole digital library. But that doesn’t mean everything you read online is true. But the majority I have came across or discussed the topic with believe almost everything they hear on the internet. People just seem to incredibly gullible.

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B2: Should U.S. take military actions on Syria?

Sure, why not? The United States has something to prove. That our military is superior to everyone else’s. I don’t think they want to attack for humanitarian reasons or because a million whinny teenage girls think we should because they used chemical weapons. The United States loves to be the police of the world. Also, I believe our country is very greedy. War pays. For the victor. The intervention in a war we don’t need to be in will be just another brick in the wall for our downfall. I believe more and more bombings and terrorist activities will be targeted at the United States in the near future. We are not as safe as we think. Instead of fearing communists we now fear terrorists. So why not America? Show off your guns when it’s not being tested or argued. It’s profitable and charitable. I’m sure those people will enjoy daily bombings campaigns instead of chemical weapons. The entire Muslim world already hates us. Gotta keep up that reputation!

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B1 First Impression

My first college experience was a very rewarding experience.  I learned a lot about what I wanted from life.  Originally, I wanted to major in Computer Science and Mathematics, but I decided otherwise.  I wanted to be an engineer so I made the decision to leave my other school and go to Akron University.  After talking to business professionals, seeing the overcrowded rooms, and having professors that I could not understand, I left Akron.  Looking at the remaining schools that I was able to attend, I decided Marietta was the proper choice.  Coming into Marietta I wanted to pursue Accounting.  At the moment, I am in an accounting class and I could not be happier.

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B0: Where Am I Wearing?

Vlad Bennett

Professor Wang

Information Technology


Where Am I Wearing

Without hesitation, I know what kind of consumer I am. My buying habits portray a conscientious shopper. I always give great thought into what I buy no matter the price. Years ago, when Affliction shirts were very artistic and goth inspired I become a ravaged consumer of their products. Buying $80 shirts become the normal and I acquired many (more than 30 including jackets and long sleeve) before they “sold out” and become very mainstream in society. Now you can buy an Affliction for $40 or $50 and has absolutely no thought into whatsoever. But recently my shirts and jeans or cargo shorts come from either Volcom or Express. I only buy the ones I find have some artistic nature and they have to be extremely soft. But these are really my winter clothes or for special occasions. I dress for the weather. So in the summer time, I usually wear Nike and Under Armor lose fitting athletic clothes during the day.

At the moment, I am wearing my Marietta football shirt given to me by the team. It came from Nicaragua and it was made by C2 Sport; so says the tag. When I entered C2 Sport in GoodGuide.com no results were found. So I tried another shirt, which was a Nike shirt. It was made in China. Nike’s overall score is a 6.8 according to GoodGuide.com and the environment score was a 7.4 and the society score was a 6.3 which didn’t surprise me in the least. The health score was not applicable.

After reading the book and understanding the author’s very clear argument. I still don’t care more than I did before reading this. I understand that sweatshops are bad and I understand exactly what the author is getting at. But paragraphs like “I’ve always been ashamed that I gave him the shirt I was wearing and posed shirtless beside him. It’s something that I thought if I could go back I wouldn’t do, because it aptly reflected the shallowness of my false start. That was until I discovered that if it weren’t for the complete silliness of my giving him my T-shirt, he wouldn’t have remembered me at all. (page 239, paragraph 3)” never seem to reflect on me. Maybe it’s because I haven’t experienced anything like he has. I have not done the research and I have not gave a single once of thought into the matter.

“And unfortunately, it’s true; most of us don’t care. We just shop mindlessly, basing our decisions on whatever fashion sensibilities we have and whatever we can afford. But I strongly believe that we could care, and that we would care—if we can bridge the divide between producer and consumer. Allow me to introduce you to iPhone girl. (page 254, paragraph 3)” I drive to the mall in my Cadillac then I walk around at the mall and look for clothes that I think deserve to be bought (with my parents money) and play on my iPhone. I live well off in a first world country. I realize the world suffers a worse fate than that of my own. But until I experience something similar to those people, I will never care. Even if I were to be on welfare, my life would still be 1000 times better than struggling others. It’s just too hard to relate.

“The apparel industry has a lot of issues, including child labor and sweatshops, but these are all just symptoms of the real problem: poverty. (page 252, paragraph 4)” poverty is rampant in the poorer nations. But nothing I can do will save these people. Their will always be rich and poor in any society. Even communist societies, have rich and poor. Those who rule and those who serve. But if people were to protest these unfair child labor and sweatshops and they somehow succeeded and had all clothing made in the red, white, and blue. Prices would sky rocket and you’ll just make us as a country much more poor. Indeed, you would be employing many Americans who need jobs but the cons outweigh the pros. Especially in our society built on greed. I will ignore the positive effects and I highly doubt change will be made on campus for many reasons: many college kids are stressed for cash and/or too busy will class work.


  1. Timmerman, Kelsey. Where Am I Wearing? Hoboken, New Jersey. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012.

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hello people

My name is Vlad Bennett and I am from West Portsmouth Ohio. I am a Accounting major. I plan to do study abroad this year on next. I also plan on going to graduate school.

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