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There are many features that come along with having an apple product. However, the biggest thing the run on is being a user-friendly device made simple to all users. I believe that if apple truly wants to stay competitive and stay in the arms race with upcoming phones like the Samsung galaxy and other HTC products they must add variety. Allow people to be able to customize and personalize their phone in the form that they choose to. Instead they focus on a bigger screen and faster data speed which everyone loves but the reason a lot of users are switching from apple products to HTC and galaxy is because they can customize their phone the way they want and there isn’t as much restrictions. Also better picture taking quality because a lot of people use their phones to take pictures and would like to take good quality pictures. When given a choice between two phones that are identical in the usage and data speed it comes down to which phone can I enjoy more, which one will I be able to do want I want with and take great pictures.

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