About Me


My younger brother and I. I love him very much.

Sometimes, I ask myself. Who am I? What’s kind of person am I? Then, I will answer myself. You are just a girl without any special part from others. I am just an ordinary girl in this world and not every one wants to be me, but no one can be.

I am Xinyue Zhang who comes from Dalian City, China. I am interested in many things, such as, singing, dancing, traveling, collecting, taking photos, listening to music, seeing movies, etc. There are four members in my happy family, father, mother, younger brother and I. I love and miss them so much. My mother is the person who influenced me a lot in the past. She is not only my mother, but also she is my teacher. When I was young, she taught me how to say words, how to eat, how to walk, how to do everything without her help. She always let me know the lessons of life from the things I did. She is a good wife, too. My mother is one of the people who I respect mostly. Because of my mother’s scrupulous cares, I felt that I just like the flowers in the greenhouse, and I never knew what rainstorm was. I wanted to go to a place far away from home and parents, and tried to live and study without parents’ cares and protection. So, I decided to go aboard for studying. Although my parents were loath to let me go because they know that they would miss me and worry me a lot, they chose to support and trust me. They said they were the best supporters stand at the back of me.

This is the reason to explain why I am here in Marietta College now. I am a sophomore who is Economic major and Marketing Minor. Every time I thought about my future, especially my job or what should I do later, I felt a little bit perplexed. My major is very clear now, but who can promise that I must work for this major in the future? I always want to make sure what I will do when I graduate form college, but my mother always tell me, there is not only one way to be successful, and she also tell me that plans are not always as quick as change. Do everything as best as I can now is the most important thing. In a word, I hope I will have a better and happier life in the future.