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The following information shows some of the classes I have taken that a required by my major or general education.  These samples are titled by class, description,  and a download link to easily view the works.  Please enjoy and feel free to download them.

Section – Skill 1 (WRIT 101)

Sample Work Description Download link
WRIT 101 paper

This is my final paper of  Writing 101,
for this course, it is really useful for me to improve my writing skills as a English
as second language student. This course
is the basic class for writing and it is the
foundation of get into higher-level writing
courses. It is the general education class.

My final paper
download file

Section- Skill 2 (MIS 220)

Sample Work Description Download link
MIS 220 Case Stduy paper

This class taught us how Information Technology is incorporated into business,
which is also known as e-commerce or e-business. It is my minor required course.
The following document was a case
study to evaluate the technology of “New to touch”.

My Case Study paper download file

Section- Skill 3 (COMM 101)

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COMM 101 presentation outline

This is a general education course, It is also a very basic and foundational class of other communication courses.
We have four major presentations during
this course. They are introspective, informal, persuasive, and special presentations.  After presenting these four different kinds
of presentation, we learned many different skills and tips for present in any  occasion.

My persuasive presentation outline download file

Section- Skill 4 (ACCT 201)

Sample Work Description Download link
ACCT  201 homework This course is my minor required class, Accounting has many types, the ACCT 201 is for management accounting, it is easier than the finance accounting. We learned balance sheet, income statement, and help companies to calculate their profits or loss. It is a very useful course for not only major   or minor required student, but also for every student.   It can be used in the daily life.
My Homework download file

Section- Skill 5 (ECON 211)

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ECON 211 Final Project (video)

This course is microcosmic which is
my major required class. For this course we learned the major ten Economic principles and how them be used into the real situation. We also learned how to analyze some specific social economy problem or the exactly company’s economy problem. I think this is the foundation for me
major in ECON to learn more and deep in the future.

My final Project download file

Below is the video (Final Project) of my ECON 211 class:

YouTube Preview Image