Fiona Xiao

Hey, welcome to my site!

My name is Fiona Xiao, an international student, from Tianjin, China. I am 20 years old, and currently a sophomore at Marietta College, majoring in Finance. From a very young age I have had a special interest with reading books and playing computers. My father also would like to give me some support on financing. As a successful businessman, my father initially perceived that education was not just for sake of knowledge, but also for a sense of critical thinking, and an opportunity to encounter friends with different backgrounds and fortitude dreams. I often saw my father stay on the computer, so my father told me some knowledge about stock.

When I was a child, I liked freedom to do everything to think everything. My parents hope me take everything as it comes. I am very outgoing and I can make friends easily. And I have many sport hobbies, such as, cycling, skiing and badminton. In addition, I am very interested in art so I studied piano and painting for a long time. Besides, every works of art that I have different views and understanding. Once I wanted to become a famous designer.During my college career, I would like to take full advantages of and support from Marietta College, including the good connections with professors and innovative and curriculum, from which I could form a deeper understanding in the domains of finance. I know many American business tycoons very much like Bill Gates, Warren E. Buffett. I want to be more of them in the future.

Feel free to contact me yx002@marietta .edu