In the 21 century, computers have become the pen and paper for people, and IT has built a net for computer users to share their information.
It makes our life become our efficient. Imagine a situation where there are no cell phones, computer, and anything related to IT. In this situation, if I want t o send to letter to my family in China, it might cost a month or even more; if we want to buy clothes and staff in Columbus, we need to drove as least two hours; In the contrast, in the real world which we have IT to support our lives, we can send a E-mail back to home which only cost couple of minutes instead of months of time.; We can by things we want on the website instead of riding to Columbus.,\With the Information technology, people live and work more efficiently.
IT makes our world become smaller. By using Facebook, I found my friends who I lost for so many years. All of us now are located in China, the United States, Canada, French, but we can chat on Facebook. By using Skype, I can talk with my parents who are in China free.  IT makes the world smaller just like a village.

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