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cpath2 Through our CPATH planning project Cultural Shift: Bringing the JOY (Joint Organization to inspire Young people) back to computation, Marietta College is exploring effective means of introducing and/or revitalizing computational thinking across disciplines on its campus and among teachers and students in the surrounding K-12 educational community. Led by faculty in computer science, computer information systems, management information systems and mathematics, our project is creating a cultural shift among faculty in multiple areas of study.

cpath2 The broader impact of this CPATH planning project is evident in three elements: campus-wide involvement, community outreach, and piloting threads of Computational Thinking in non-computer courses among faculty at Marietta College and among math teachers in the K-12 educational community; revision of two key computer courses to create a stronger alignment with computational thinking for first year computer students; and increasing excitement about and awareness of the uses for computational thinking among K-12 youth.

cpath1 Project evaluation includes: pre and post participant surveys and enrollment data analysis.

Project results include the following highlights:
  • 24 Middle School and 26 High School Students Participated in our 2 Adventures in Programming and Computational Thinking camps
  • 36 Faculty attended our Faculty Forum presentation on Computational Thinking
  • 30 Ohio public school Math teachers participated in our seminars which incorporated Alice and Computational Thinking
  • 3 presentations were made to Marietta College faculty from outside speakers who used Computational Thinking in their work
  • Results show an increase in the percentage of students taking CS2 after taking a modified CS1 course
    cpath1 For further information, please contact: Robert Van Camp, PI ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). The Project Team also includes: Mark Miller and Jeremy Fei Wang, Co-PIs; and Dave Freeman, Project Evaluator.


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