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ALICE Ferris wheels in space and robots on fire are not uncommon sites for students participating in the Discovering the Wonder of ALICE Programming: Adventures in Computational Thinking Student Institute, sponsored by the CPATH grant.
“You get to make a world how you want it” said Parker Williams, 14.

The MCIS department hosted 24 middle and high-school aged students for the second straight year as part of The ALICE Program, which was grant funded by the National Science Foundation.
The program began June 20 and wraps Friday, June 24.
Bob Van Camp, Program Director and Associate Professor of Computer Science, said the students were given an opportunity to learn more about the programming world in an exciting and unique manner.
“The software makes it easy for the kids to have fun and learn skills such as computational thinking and problem solving,” said Van Camp.
ALICE forces students to use their imagination and create a world they eventually can manipulate.
“At first they let us experiment with the program, but eventually they teach us steps so we can change our worlds to whatever we want,” said Christy Heisler, 14.
The program has been so popular that several students had to be put on a waiting list. It’s the encouragement to be creative and manipulate every small detail that keeps the kids coming back each year.
Andrew McGuffey, 12, agrees.
“I loved learning how to make objects inside the program do what I wanted them to do,” he said. “I want to come back next year and learn even more.”

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