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Welcome to the Math, Computing and Information Systems Department!

Our Department

Our Department

  The Department of Department of Math, Computing & Information Systems(MCIS) offers two major programs. Our ten full-time faculty members are committed to quality undergraduate teaching and learning while providing our students with a variety of business perspectives.

Our Faculty

Our Faculty

Each faculty member is a mix of generalist and specialist. We are familiar with the curriculum, but at the same time we each have our areas of specialization. This means that in our courses we can easily relate material from different aspects, and also is important for students who wish to discuss the range of careers.

Our Students

Our Students

MCIS students are motivated, enthusiastic, responsible and hard-working. Our students come from across the U.S. and around the world.

Our Internationalization

Our Internationalization

Internationalization is a core value of Marietta College and MCIS is committed to fostering an international environment for our students. MCIS is the academic home to students from more than 15 countries and our students will be prepared to thrive in a diverse, global society.

Our Alumni

Our Alumni

At MCIS, we have reasons to be proud of our alumni. Many of these former students have pursued not only their degrees, but also their dreams. Throughout the world, our alumni are succeeding in a wide range of chosen careers and their support is crucial to MCIS's continued success.


For Students

Your Journey Begins Here!For Students

Realize your Dreams, get a great job, and live it up in the perfect college town! If you can dream it, we can help you achieve it.

For Alumni

Welcome Home!For Alumni

The Long Blue Line stretches across generations of MCIS graduates. Support your department and help us improve!

For Corporate Sponors

Your Company's Future!For Company

Recruiting at MCIS is a wise investment in your company's future. Review our students' ePortfolios and search for the top-quality hires!

Info. Systems sophomore finds internship at Eaton


This coming summer, Franco Biondolillo, a sophomore here at Marietta College, has the opportunity to intern at Eaton in Cleveland, OH.

Eaton is a power management company and they strive to provide safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions for their global customers. They provide products such as electrical circuit breakers, hydraulics, aerospace systems and parts for vehicles.


Biondolillo is an Information Systems major and has been working toward finding an internship the entire fall semester. He first learned about this summer internship through an website called indeed.

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First Time Here?

Do you have any questions for our faculty/staff or current MCIS students? Please join our community forum to explore many aspects of the MCIS rich environment.

The MCIS Advantage

  • Dedicated Faculty
  • Small Student-Faculty Ratio
  • 21st Century Curriculum
  • Real World Experience

Quick MCIS Facts

  • 2 Academic Programs
  • 7 Full-Time Faculty
  • 2 Dedicated Computer Lab

Alum Spotlight 1

John Kitson

John Kitson Information Systems '08
Lifestyle Communities
Database & Reporting Analyst
Columbus, Ohio

"John was one of the original IS students at Marietta College. He really believed in the tool sets that the major had to offer and the variety of jobs he could do with these skills."

Alum Spotlight 2

Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter Information Systems '08
Deloitte & Touche LLP
ERS (Enterprise Risk Services) Consultant
Security & Privacy Services
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"The biggest advantage is having a professor with real world experience. The IS professor's consulting experience is what really got me interested in the field. After my first IS class I was hooked. I always loved to create websites and e-solutions, so this was the perfect fit. "

Alum Spotlight 3

Sisi Liu

Sisi Liu Information Systems & Public Accounting '10
Deloitte & Toutche LLP
Audit and Enterprise Risk Services
Pittsburgh, PA

"Information Systems (IS) is a very good major for students who want to seek a career in consulting type of business, especially in technology consulting firms such as Deloitte Consulting, Accenture, and IBM."

Alum Spotlight 4

Casey Trail

Casey Trail Mathematics '05
Technomics Inc.
Cost Analyst
Arlington, Virginia

"Without a doubt, the opportunity to publish in a refereed journal as an undergraduate greatly helped my chances in getting into the IE/OR program at Penn State. While at Penn State I found that the rigorous math background from Marietta College had prepared me very well, and I was more than prepared for the coursework at Penn State. "

Alum Spotlight 5


Harrison Potter Mathematics and Physics '08
Duke University Mathematics Department
Graduate Student
Durham, NC

"Marietta College prepared me wonderfully for life beyond graduation. This fall will mark the beginning of my fifth year as a mathematics graduate student at Duke University. I'm presently working to complete my thesis in applied mathematics on the fluid dynamics of thin liquid films. "

Student Spotlight

Devin Wysni, Senior
Information Systems
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Garrett Stephenson, Senior
Information Systems
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Cameron Johnson, Junior
Information Systems
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Hao Fu
Information Systems

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Feature Story

john kitson"I was one of the original IS students at Marietta College. I really believed in the tool sets that the major had to offer and the variety of jobs I could do with these skills." Read More

Student Capstone Showcase

imageInstitute for Learning in Retirement

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